Keeping your Family Safe, Warm, and Prepared for the Holidays and Winter Months.

Propane Safety

Propane is in plentiful supply in our country, but inclement weather can make transporting it the issue. Be sure you don’t find yourself in an emergency situation, needing propane when the roads are slick, the snow is piled high, and delivery is dangerous for the driver. Sign up now for our budget billing program and schedule routine visits so you’re always in good supply.

To help ILMO Propane customers prepare, we have developed a list of steps our users should be taking now to keep families warm and safe.

“Winter is peak demand season for propane, and early indicators suggest that this season is expected to be a colder than average Central Illinois winter,” said ILMO Products President, Brad Floreth. “We have secured supply, implemented monitoring systems to service customers, and have added storage capacity. We are encouraging our customers to highlight the steps they can take now to stay warm and save money.”

To help our customers develop a strategy for winter, ILMO Propane is advising customers to fill their tanks early, make sure they have adequate supply, weatherproof windows and doors, embrace conservation practices such as lowering thermostats and reducing hot water consumption, consider purchasing a propane generator, install propane gas and carbon monoxide detectors, and perform seasonal maintenance on all heating systems and appliances.

“We want our customers to be prepared. This means giving propane customers the tools they need to make informed decisions and meet the challenges of winter with confidence. By working together effectively, we can take some of the cold out of winter… that is our commitment,” said Floreth.

If you are one of the many households that use propane to heat the home, then you know that preparedness is the key to propane safety during the holidays. Make sure your tank is full before the weather makes road conditions hazardous, and have carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home. The professionals at ILMO Propane are here to serve you!

If you follow this preparation list, you will have trouble-free gas delivery during the winter season. During the winter, please be sure to have a reasonably clear path for the delivery driver and his truck. Each one of these six guidelines have to do with accessing your propane tank…


Mark Underground Tanks
Prior to snowfall, mark your tank with a stick or flag.
Most drivers are responsible for the same route. However, an alternate driver may cover your route.

Keep Driveways Clear & Sanded
Vehicles, debris, snow, ice, tree branches, and overgrown bushes can all impede your delivery from taking place.

Provide a Path to your Gas Tank
Drivers do not carry tools to dig out tanks.

Do Not Plow Snow Against Gas Tanks
Snow and ice against the tank can adversely affect how the fuel feeds into your home.

A gas line can be crimped or broken if icicles are allowed to form on a gas line.

Debris or Garbage
Please do not store garbage or other items on/near the tank, lines or meters.
Your driver will do his best to make your delivery as efficient as possible. When inclement weather is expected, we strive to make as many deliveries as is needed.

Please call our office to reschedule a delivery if necessary.

In the case of severe weather, we do close the office for the safety of our staff. We will call you to reschedule any service appointments.

Emergency fuel deliveries are made on a case-by-case basis and will incur a special trip delivery fee if warranted. Avoid out-of-gas situations by becoming an auto-delivery customer.

Have a Happy, Warm, and Safe Holiday Season!

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