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              Gases & Their Applications

              Fuel gas can affect the success, speed, and effectiveness of welding. Get gas that works as hard as you do.

              Pride. Accomplishment. Awesome. That’s what you told us you feel after a long day of welding or cutting?whether on the shop floor, in the scrapyard, in your shop at home, or out in the field where your work comes to life. We agree, and we think you’re pretty awesome, too.

              While there are different processes,? different welding and cutting gases, and different projects, one thing remains constant?you need hot welds, hot cuts, the right gas flow, and tools that work as hard as you do to not only make each job possible, but to make it easy as well.

              At ILMO, we understand how the right gas can affect the success, speed, and effectiveness of welding, which is why we are dedicated to providing you with the best products and service. We supply a variety of atmospheric gases and oxy-fuel / fuel gases. We’re also here when you need us to help review your processes, equipment, wire feeds, and gas choice, and offer suggestions for improving quality and lowering costs.

              Using a Plasma cutting process? Let us help you get the best arc, for the best cuts. Whether you’re working on aluminum, stainless steel, or carbon steel, we’ll help ensure that you’re benefiting from the speed, accuracy, and cost-saving conveniences it offers.

              Whatever your method and application, ILMO has the gas you need, and we’re ready to help you.

              Fuel gases for oxyfuel gas welding and cutting:

              Shielding Gases:

              Plasma-cutting gases: