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              Laser Gas

              Specific to your laser applications, ILMO Specialty Gases has the laser gas you need, including laser resonator gases, laser assist gases, and laser process gases at your required high purity specifications. Nitrogen, Helium, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Argon, and Carbon Monoxide are all available at any grade pre-mixed composition and are offered in bulk, micro-bulk, high pressure cylinders, or disposable / refillable cylinders.

              From the very start, we want working with ILMO to be easy, valuable, and helpful. Whether you call us with questions about your laser gas selection or need a custom blend for a new laser application, you’re going to get the industry’s best in technical support from our experienced lab technicians. We’re ready to assist with your laser gas and gas equipment needs, gas supply systems, technical training, and on-going laboratory development services.