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              Laboratory Gas

              “Laboratory gas” is a pretty broad term and can be a lot of things to a lot of our customers. For some, it defines the gases needed for process control, such as helium as a gas chromatography (GC) carrier gas, or is a pure gas needed to assist with instrument functioning. For others, it’s used to calibrate instruments or as instrument support and requires strict analysis to match manufacturer specifications.

              Ultimately, what matters to us is what it means to you, and what you need your gas to be and do in your lab. We can produce it all, and will do so to your highly technical specifications, guaranteeing that you receive exactly what you need. Once we produce it, we’re also beside you for all technical support, laboratory development, and to assist you with building any best practices into your lab operations.

              • Pure Gases
                • Argon
                • Air
                • Carbon Dioxide
                • Carbon Monoxide
                • Helium
                • Hydrogen
                • Krypton
                • Oxygen
                • Nitrogen
                • Neon
                • Xenon
              • GC Carrier Gases
                • Helium
                • Nitrogen
              • Research and UHP Chemical Gases
                • Pharmaceutical Intermediate Manufacturing
                • Chemical Manufacturing
              • Gas Mixtures
                • Calibration Standards
                  • General, industrial uses
                  • BrAC / Breath Alcohol Content testing devices
                • Instrument Support Mixtures
                • Laser Gas Mixtures
                • Research Gas Mixtures
                • Natural Gas BTU Reference Standards
                • Special Application Mixtures
                • Medical Gases
                • Biological Atmosphere Gas Mixtures
                • EPA Protocol Gas Mixtures
                • Nuclear Radiological Detection
                • Positive Metal Identification
                • Instrumental Support
                • Quality Assurance & Control Variables
                • Elemental Analysis
                • Flame Ionization Fuel
                • Thermal Conductivity
                • Mass Spectrometry
              • Gas Analysis
                • Proficiency Testing Services
                • Custom gas mixtures