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              Industrial Hygiene Mixtures

              OEM Quality without the middleman markup.

              If you’ve been buying your industrial hygiene gases and blends from your original equipment manufacturer, you could be overpaying. Here’s why:

              • Most equipment manufacturers are just that—equipment manufacturers. They don’t manufacture gas, which means they’re buying it from a third-party supplier and then selling it to you—and understandably tacking on a markup.
              • But when you buy your gases from ILMO, you’re buying straight from a company whose expertise is precision gas manufacturing. There’s no middleman, so there’s no markup. And that can add up to significant savings for you.
              • ILMO’s lab is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited, meaning it’s been proven to meet stringent standards above and beyond ISO:IEC 9001:2008. In fact, only a handful of gas manufacturers nationwide have attained the coveted 17025 status. So when you buy from ILMO, you can feel confident you’re getting the exact gas you need to match your instrument manufacturer’s specifications.

              You’re simply saving the middleman markup.


              We Have Experience In Your Industry

              ILMO provides critical gases to plants and facilities just like yours, all around the globe. As a result, we have experience with your industry’s equipment and can customize solutions for your unique applications.

              From industrial environments, to power plants, to coal mines, to R&D laboratories – anywhere expertly blended high purity gas mixtures are needed, you can trust ILMO Specialty Gases. We have a solid reputation built on reliability and responsiveness.


              Price vs. Quality?

              You should never have to sacrifice one to get the other. And with ILMO, you won’t.