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              Medical Training & Inspections

              Medical gas systems and equipment are a vital part of any healthcare facility. With the presence of that equipment comes the necessity to properly train personnel on its use and perform regular inspections.

              The highly qualified personnel at ILMO can provide intensive, FDA-guided training to any and all staff that deal with gas systems or equipment, including the proper use and maintenance of equipment as well as procedures to follow in an emergency situation. We also provide medical gas inspections for equipment and systems to ensure safety and compliance.

              Topics of past training include:

              • Preventative Maintenance Best Practices for Medical Facility Maintenance Departments
              • Oxygen Safety and Proper Gas Handling for Nurses
              • New Equipment Demonstrations & Hands-on Trials
              • Compressed Gas Safety – gas use, cylinder storage and transportation, and operating procedures
              • Bulk Gas Installation and Piping Systems – Consulting
              • Safe Gas Practices for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

              If your facility requires a medical gas inspection or your team could brush up on best practices training, contact ILMO today. We’ll be happy to help.