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              Industries Served

              ILMO Products Company is a single-source provider of industrial, specialty, and medical gases in bulk, micro-bulk, and cylinder solutions.

              Additionally, we offer welding and safety equipment, industrial supplies and accessories, and welder repair services. Our Specialty and Industrial Gases groups work for diverse markets such as manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, universities, chemical processors, fabricators, coal producers, steel contractors, cryogenic laboratories, government agencies, and beyond. Our Medical Gas customers range from hospitals and nursing homes to medical laboratories and universities. Noteably,?ILMO Specialty Gases is an ISO/IEC17025:2005 Accredited Gas Laboratory, using NIST traceability for majority of blended gas products, and is?included on the?NHSTA Conformity Product List.

              Welding & Cutting

              ILMO Industrial Gases

              Industrial Gas

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              Medical Gas

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              Specialty Gas

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