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              About Us

              About ILMO ?|? ILMO Products Company is a single-source provider of industrial, medical, and laboratory gases in bulk, micro-bulk, cryogenic, and cylinder solutions. Additionally, we offer bulk and residential propane, welding and safety equipment, industrial supplies and accessories, and welder rental and repair services.

              We are a family-owned, privately-held corporation founded in 1913, with nine locations, over 100 employees, and exceeding 6,000 customers. ILMO is headquartered in Jacksonville, Illinois, and has locations?in Decatur, Granite City, Litchfield, Mattoon, Mt. Vernon, Peoria, Springfield, and Quincy, Illinois.

              Throughout ILMO, our traditional industrial sales team and our stores serve diverse markets such as fabricators, food processing plants, coal producers, power plants, steel contractors, chemical processors, manufacturing facilities, agri-businesses, cryogenic and research laboratories, contractors, welding hobbyists, and beyond.?Many of our District Sales Managers and service staff have achieved accreditation as Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI), Certified Welding Educators (CWE), Certified Welding Sales Representatives (CWSR), Certified Electricians, and Factory-Trained and Authorized Repair Specialists.

              ILMO Medical Gases’ customers range from hospitals and nursing homes to medical laboratories, device manufacturers, and universities. Many of our medical customers also rely on ILMO Specialty Gases for rare and critical gas mixtures.

              ILMO Specialty Gases’ ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited gas laboratory provides high and ultra-high purity gases throughout ILMO’s current territory as well as to Canada, Central and South America, and Europe through disposable and reusable cylinders. They serve many of our same industrial while also supplying laboratories, universities, high-end processing companies, law enforcement agencies, and medical equipment/device manufacturers.?What makes us different?

              ILMO Propane, our newest specialty department, started in 2011 and serves many of the same industries as ILMO Products, as well as commercial and residential propane users.

              Main Office Hours: Monday- Friday 7:30 am to 4:30 pm


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